Workplace Financial Wellness Seminars

A large number of employees feel they have little or no control over their even greater number of them worry they won’t be able to pay their bills in the event of an unexpected income loss.

Some say financial stress is a prime cause of personal stress, which affects both the health and the productivity of your employees. Workers across all age groups have the same concerns about making ends meet.  As an employer, keeping a loyal, productive and healthy workforce is at the core of your business. Educating your employees on how they can gain control over their own financial security, can be a driver for your success.

Financial Literacy is at the heart of what we do as a firm.  Our Workplace Financial Wellness Seminars give your employees the tools they need to create financial balance and freedom from financial stress. Response to our seminars has been extremely positive. Seminar evaluation surveys show that employees feel they get a value from the information provided while feeling more positive toward their employer for proactively offering assistance with their personal finances.

Helping employees reduce and manage their financial stress has a positive impact that is recognized by both workers and employers.

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